Cigal Home Trouvons votre bien en toute sérénité
Trouvons votre bien en toute sérénité

Your Property Search

Custom search

The buyer is central to our approach.

1 buyer = 1 search

We’ll find the property of your dreams for you.

Full monitoring

Search, property visits, business plan, sale agreement, deed of sale, move, restoration work, renting out…

Extremely by our experiment in the real estate we accompany you in integrality by your steps.


Time saving and superior efficiency for the buyer.

A lower charge prestation than a standard real estate agency.

Fee schedule

Each search is specific, so don’t hesitate to contact us to have a personalized quote.

  • Inter-agency collaboration : fees shall be shared equally by both parties (Cigal’ Home and the real estate agency selling the property you hope to buy).
  • In the context of a private purchase :

Maximum princing including taxes.

Fees are equal for the sell of your property.

An exclusive search mandate will allows you to find your dream property at the earliest opportunity.

  • Rental search :  you wish to hire our services for a rental search ? The fixed fee is 1 000€.